Spaw Day Grooming services are always prompt and professional. Our prices are reasonable, competitive, and up-front. There are no hidden fees for gasoline costs, off-hour appointments, or products used.


Our basic grooming service is thorough and comprehensive, and includes:

  • Hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner

  • Ten minutes of brushing, de-shedding, and combing

  • Nail trimming and filing

  • Ear cleaning and hair removal

  • Teeth checking and breath spray

  • Bow or bandana of your choice

  • And of course, a treat at the end!


Basic Grooming

Haircut (additional)

Small Dogs (up to 20 lbs) $70 $15-$25
Medium Dogs (20-55 lbs) $75-$80 $20-$30
Large Dogs (55-75 lbs) $85-$110 $25-$35
Extra Large Dogs (75-90 lbs) $80-95 $25 and up
Extra Large Dogs (over 90 lbs) $125 $30 and up



Cats (Short Hair; bath, brush, nails, ears) $75-$95
Cats (Medium-long hair; bath brush nails ears) $95-$105
Cats (Full haircut (no bath)) $95-$105
Cats (Full haircut (with bath)) $105-$125
Cats (Brush out only) $80-$90
Cats (Brush out with trim) $85-$95
Cats (Flea shampoo) $10-$20

We do not use dryers on cats, towel dry only

In effort to provide the safest and least stressful situation for your pet, the groomer may decide whether or not your pet is going to benefit from our service. Although we are able to handle most difficult pets, we will not put the pet or our groomers at risk. Please advise if you believe your pet may have major difficulties being groomed. There is a fee of 50% of the estimated cost after an attempt of the grooming, even if we cannot complete the service. Some times we are able to complete only part of the job, in which case a discount will be offered.

Cancellation Policy
Please call 24 hours ahead of time to cancel. A 50% cancellation fee will be added to the next grooming unless arranged previously with the groomer.

If the groomer arrives during the agreed upon time frame, and no one is home, or there is no access to the pet, there is a charge of 50% of the grooming cost. The groomer will confirm up to the morning of the agreed scheduled time

Additional Ad Ons: 

In addition to the basic grooming packages, and/or basic plus haircut package.

Tidy: $5-10

  • Sanitary Trim

  • Foot and Pad Trim

  • Ear and Tail Trim

  • Face and Eye Trim

  • Bloomer Trim

Blueberry Facial: $3

  • South Bark Blueberry Facial soak for 5 minutes to whiten the face, and help remove tear stains.

Toothbrushing: $12

  • Teeth brushed thoroughly with toothpaste and brush, then finished with a freshening breath spray.

Shampoo Packages

  • All packages are additional to the basic package.

  • Prices are determined by the size and hair content of your pet.

  • All Shampoos and conditioners are all natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

  • Each product is carefully selected for premium quality.

Flea Shampoo and Dip: $10-20 (required if your pet has fleas, additional charge to grooming)

  • Includes 10 minute rich lather soak of D-Limonine or herbal flea shampoo.

  • After rinse of non-chemical flea dip.

  • Herbal flea spray.

De-Skunk: $15-30 (not available for cats)

  • Peroxide and baking soda soak.

  • Deodorizing bath.

  • Deodorizing condition and spray.

Moisturizing Soak: $10-15

  • Richly Lathered oatmeal shampoo soak for 10 minutes followed by a soothing oatmeal or aloe conditioning for 5 minutes.

Anal Gland Expression: $5-10

  • Only available with basic grooming package.

  • External only.


Nail Trim: $15-25

  • Available only when team is already on site.

De-matting: $10-25

  • Price depends on severity of matting. Some matts may only be removed by shaving.

Hand Stripping: $10

  • Price is per 10 minutes of hand stripping, determined by groomer.